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GlaceJS Web plugin

Provides steps for GlaceJS framework to launch web UI tests in browser.


  • Launch standalone selenium server
  • Connect to existing selenium or appium server
  • Page Object Model with weak refs
  • Browser Pointer Events


  • Installed java in order to launch selenium server.

How to install

npm i glace-web

How to use

var glaceWeb = require("glace-web");

If plugin is used as a part of GlaceJS it will be loaded automatically.

CLI options


  • --dont-install-drivers - Flag to not install selenium drivers on tests run.
  • --web - Flag to launch tests in browser. Browser will be launched on session start and closed on session finish.
  • --web-url - Application URL which will be used for web tests.
  • --web-resolution <widthxheight> - Browser viewport size (pc platform only).
  • --selenium-addr - Connect to launched selenium server with this address.
  • --platform - Specify platform type where tests will be executed. Default is pc. Supported values are pc, android, ios.
  • --browser - Name of browser where web tests will be executed. Default value is platform specific.


  • --device - Mobile device name.
  • --os-version - Mobile operating system version.
  • --ios-engine - iOS automation engine name.


Test examples

See integration tests in order to explore examples.

Tests and quality

  • Project tests report is here
  • Code coverage report is here